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First time use of Spice.

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I am a 220 lb man who is very interested in experiencing something similar to what I have heard aboud this wonderful chemical. I am somewhat experienced with psychoactives in my quest for knowledge about this universe we find ourselves in and the inner workings of the mind and its role in the conductivity of consciousness. I want to try a brew similar to that used in south america. I am enticed by the longevity and intensity that this method produces. For my weight, what would have to be prepared for the full on experience, or what those more experienced think I can handle my first time. In the past with mushrooms, I have separated from my body and flown around the solar system for a few hours, just to give insight to my experiences. I know there has been a lot of hype amongst society lately about DMT, but I am not looking for a fun experience, I want to gain knowledge and have access to the healing this molecule can produce.

If anyone has some good advice for me I would gladly take it.
You should go to forums.ayahuasca.com for information on Ayahuasca.
Most of the information here is for freebase DMT. The Aya forums have more info on Ayahuasca than you find here.
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