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First trip

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Rising Star
well this is hard to explain. not that my experience was mind blowing but the visuals were just not from this world. I took one deep toke from the pipe and felt the heart beat increasing. I lay on my bed and took deep breaths and watched the mild patterns on my eyelids but before I new it the mild visuals had completely transformed into a constantly moving 3D "energy" (I know that to call it energy is almost a cliché but It really does sum up what it looks like). What was so amazing about this was a could actually move my head around and the visuals actually had a back middle and foreground. When I took a deep breath in there was a sort of dotted line around me which buzzed in perfect time with the vision and by breathing echoed like a reverb effect. Everything was in perfect choreography and every thing was linked by some force. The vision was a bit like a dream as so far as the details are quite hazy and hard to remember but I can still remember the feeling and awe that I felt. I was amazed when I looked at Alex greys work again after the trip as it is the closest a work of art has ever got to evoking the magic of my trip, this is probably the most like my experience: [img:ec71604a33]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/cre8sbeats/lightweaver.jpg[/img:ec71604a33] This may have only meant anything to people who have already tried DMT but i hope it is also useful to those who have not.
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