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First words, Entering the nexus. introduction essay

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Hello people,

First,I would like to thank you all for making this forum how it is.
I have been looking and reading through the nexus for a while now, it's content never cease to amaze me ( not only the content, the collaboration of minds and the knowledges given by the members amazes me too ).
It is certainly the best place to learn about dmt ( and not only dmt ), to expand our minds and to share things that aren't always easily shareable in my everyday life.

So I have decided to join the community, to be part of it, to learn, share and contribute as much as I can...

Before entering the world of dmt, I have been in a special relationship with semilanceatas for years, it has been my personnal medicine. It teached me how I look into life, how i behave toward this world. It gave me this psy-point of view about life, it opened me to the path of spirituality ...

Now that I have met DMT, I feel like my life is taking another turn, I feel like I have to travel through all this dmt world/hyperspace.
So I started reading/learning more and more about the molecule and ended up extracting it for my personnal research.

It's been about 4 years since my first experience with the spice,I tend to prefer the use of changa, I really like the way we can build up our experiences.

I am still discovering everything everytime...

What else can I say ... :p


PS: Don't get mad at me if I make horrible english mistakes, it's not my language ;)
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