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Flow charts for reagent testing

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Im attaching to this post some flowcharts I made for reagent testing of different substances.

You can buy these reagents for example in shops linked here

To sum up, in order to better test the different substances with reagents, its important to have a combination of reagents to eliminate most adulterants.

LSD: Ehrlich and Hofmann/P-DMAB-TS
MDMA: Marquis, Mecke and Simons
Ketamine: Mecke, Liebermann, Froehde and Mandelin
Heroin: Marquis, Mecke and froehde
Amphetamine: Marquis, Mecke and Simons
Cocaine: Marquis, Mecke, Liebermann, Ehrlich and Scott

And to eliminate a few other possible adulterants which might still be unnoticed (specially in the case of MDMA and PMA/PMMA/MCPP adulteration), please use the TLC kits

Note in the flowcharts I used written description of colors (for example "Yellow" ), but since people may perceive colors differently, you can watch the videos with the reactions here


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Really great work you are doing for all of us.
But I think the LSD flowchart needs some expansion.

1P-ETH-LAD, ALD-52 and ETH-LAD are missing.

1P-LSD turns purple/red with Marquis. In a very slow fashion. But you already know that because its on your website(the one with the table and all videos)

Also somehing like a disclaimer that the blotter can interfere with the reagents. Especially for marquis. I had an XLSD/XNBomb sample sold to me as LSD which simply turned black very slowly under marquis. I didnt take it. But it was supposed to be active. The blotter had some fractal priting on it which probably ruined the test.

The Image is a 1P-LSD sample which is clean on fully white paper. It was only red/purple before it turned brown after the paper got attacked. It soaked 2 minutes in the images . And about 30 seconds for first colour which was red.


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Thank you, I just edited the first post to add your suggestion in the LSD flow chart. This is an open ended project and will need to be continuously updated as more tests are made and added to the database. Feel free to make more suggestions or comments or whatever form of contribution :)
Hi all.
I would like to ask for your help.

I have some DMT and tried it making a simple changa (25 mg DMT, 25 mg Harmine/Harmaline) and smoking it with an electronic cígaret with burner for herbs (Yocan 94F).

I put the tho powders directly on the coil. It smelled like naphtaline.
I had no result but a light headache.

So I tested it with Bunk Police kit and I had a result that isn't fully compliant with what it would be expected in mx opnion (I am not an expert, it is my first time)

the reagants are in sequence:
1) Marquis
2) Mandeline
3) Ehlrich's

What do you think it is?
Thank you in advance.

This is the result of the test
I am growing Phalaris Aquatica AQ1 and Phalaris Arundinacea Big Medicine ... but I still need some months. :(
For Psychotria Viridis I am in open waters near from the port.. ;) The clone I bought died for cold during transport. :(
I extracted the Harmaline and Harmine from Peganum Harmala with quite nice results. :)
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