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Flower of Life

I have been interested in the flower of life for quite some time now :d


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Archeologists have found this glyph all over the world. Seems like this was one of the avatars for the discovery and study of sacred geometry. I reckon if you were to burn it into your retinas in meditation starring at it and then smoked some spice you might figure out what it's all about.
look at it for a while and you will discover many figures inside. I think it represents the "whole" or cosmos merged in one.
^^ha ya watched all 14 segments 2 night ago...there is some cool stuff in there. It's quite long but near the end he taks about how the mayans told him about the crystal skulls, and that certain special shamans have a ceremony when each skull is created, where they take a brew consisting of various psychedelic plants and mushrooms, and they actaully die (datura involvent??), and transfer all they're knowledge and conciousness into the skull at the time of death, so that it can be retrived by other shamans later on it the future..weird stuff but preaty damn cool!
Ive done a lot of studying on the flower of life; it is supposed to contain all of the information in the universe. It apparently contains within it every mathematical formula there is. It also contains the ratios for golden sections, all of the platonic solids and the information for the fibonacci sequence. These three elements are believed to be the universal construction manual for all things.
I have all so been infatuated w this figure for a while now

Here is a pretty good video explicating Metatron's Cube, which is a major symbol contained within the flower(s)

Drunvalo Melchizedek is not worth your time
His Ancient Secrets... books are compilations of recycled New Ageisms
Heh, thats funny fractal enchantment, i actually got that tatooed on my left forearm, and metatrons cube on my right:d (by the by i've been wanting to tell you how freakin funny your neverending story clip is in your signature, def made me laugh:lol: )

Both figures date back (correct me if im wrong) at least 500 BC and have been found all over the world like Greece, Egypt, China. Just check those videos i watched them a while ago.

I have to say one aspect of the flower of life that i love is that it was recognized all over the world. It almost unified humans in a sense (not all of them obviously), that many cultures saw it as sacred. If you put it next to Metatrons Cube you can clearly see the two are related.

Another thing that i was thinking about earlier today (and i know im not the first) actually was that there seem to be other things besides sacred geometry that tie a few cultures together throughout the world. The Mayans, Aztechs, and Egyptions all also built pyramids, kept records through art (many reports of this art in trip reports), were obsessed with astronomy, and used psydelics in ceremony. Heh, i saw a special on the history channel. (which made me dig deeper in research)

The point im trying to make i guess is that at one point, i believe there was a world wide spirituality that many more people were in touch with. And this "sacred geometry" might have been one of the key elements.

You could do research for years on the topic if you so choose. I myself keep coming back to it over and over...


PS I just noticed how old this thread is,:shock: i did a double take for a second. :shock: Doh! This is a little akward:oops: o well im sure stranger things have happened
PSS and wtf is it doing under SHE:?: :? heh (which im hoping will be dec 21)
was the show on the history channel called 'Ancient Aliens'?

Genesis explains how the flower of life was created. It is beautiful how the geometry works.

Drunvalo's Flower of life books are good as well.
magickpencil, why do you think he is not worth our time?
I love the flower of life, I love Drunvalo's books. Even if they are recycled new-agism they are still nice and have a clear and positive message IMO. I don't care how wacky a theory is - anyone saying humans must evolve and are evolving is my friend :)

but can someone tell me why this thread is in the SHE section?? are we planing on doing a FoL-SHE event?
LOL, I was also wondering what it was doing in this section myself a few months ago. I still have to check out Drunvalo's books. Which do you recommend? I've seen a few of his talks on youtube and got a lot of information from them (as well as a couple of other online sources). Such a beautiful flower :)
I have heard that the flower of life's ratio's between area's of the unique figures it creates are the same ratio between musical notes. Its an interesting thought but I don't have the mathematical knowledge or the proclivity to back this claim up. On the more for sure side of things, people have brought up that it exists in many cultures dating back some time. The interesting thing to be in that it evolved independently in all these places!!! Plus it just looks plain cool.
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