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Following the "easy diy ejuice for vapers" tech

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I have been experimenting with cannabis ejuice preparation as described by 1ce in his posts of 2016.
Basically at room or below temperature in a 125ml Erlenmeyer flask an aproximate amount of 5-10grams of material is soaked with about 80ml of DMC/methylene chloride and sonicated in a sonic cleaning device.

After decanting/filtering the liquid is put through a distillation apparatus using hot water bath at about 60deg C. The resulting green goo, after the bubbling is no longer observed, is rinsed off the flask with Propylene glycol (PG) in 3 washes of 5 ml each, then washed with VG in same amount for a 50/50 ratio of pg/vg.

The resulting green liquid if heated on a hot water bath at 50-60 deg C will homogenize but after cooling some parts are separated and readily stick to the flask glass.

The liquid then was loaded onto a Siegfried meshed rta on Aegis Max on tc-ss mode, coil 0.14, 35 wattts @ 200-210 degrees.

There is a high, but one wishes more potency. Is there a treshhold for pg/vg mix to be able to "absorb" cannabis oils? What is the workable ratio?
I am unable to achieve homogeneity, is it because I am oversaturating?

Also I am noticing that not all the psychoactive substances are pulled with dcm, some "flattening" occurs. Perhaps a subsecuent pull with a different solvent would be in order to pull the rest of the active components and combine it in the pg/vg.
What other solvent could be used?
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