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Found Some acacias, looking for advice on ID

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hi there Dmt-Nexus community,

this is my first post, but have been a "browser" for quite some time... I have never actually tried to ID acacias before, but I have a few pictures of what I think might be acacia pycantha or something similar.. unfortunately I wasn't able to find any seedpods or any on the floor around it, altho I might be able to find some on another treck down... each tree that I found are below.. =)
"this is the first tree I found - took 3 pics of it"

"Bark seems smooth.. but slightly rough"

I also found some other ones while looking in the same area here are those pictures, they look similar to the previous pictures altho slight differences.. this may just be an older tree of the same species as above.. but the bark does look a lot different!

"this is the 2nd tree I found - took 3 pics of it"

"Barks is very rough.."

"i Also came across some very large leaved acacias that i have no clue what they are but here is the next tree =) with very wide and long leaves "

"this is the 3rd tree I found - I took only 2 pictures"

This next one looks similar to the previous trees also, it has some differences, mainly thin long leaves and large flowers looks a bit like pycantha...
"this is the 5th tree I found - took 3 pics"

"Very rough bark"

Im a complete novice with botany and identifying species and such, and would appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad! please help me ID these =)
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