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Found some old DMT materials not sure what to do with them

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Found some old dried materials in air tight containers i had bought back when i was experimenting with DMT and such but never really experimented with them since i had changa and freebase to play with. I think i once made a 3g syrian rue or cappi tea and strained then 45minutes later smoked 25-30mg of freebase and was sent through the universe but that's the last time i had anything that powerful and since then i have played with changa in 30-80mg dosages for just chill and gentle experiences or meditation.

So i have found a bag of dried syrian rue seeds, dried acacia confusa powder and in the fridge i found cappi 25x extract dropper bottle all from ebay i believe. What could i do with these?

I heard taking 3g ground rue(encapsulated) then 5g acacia can give you a ayahuasca-like experience but i was thinking could i make tea and strain the materials for a lighter experience to test it out first?

I have forgotten why i bought the cappi extract so not sure what to do with it lol
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