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Found this surfing Mycotopia.

Migrated topic.


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What do you some of you chemists think about this. It seems as if such a rare and sought-after psychedelic like lsd would be much harder to synthesise than this...

Maybe reading through it just seems easier than actually doing it with all the precision and purity needed in the extractions used.

Read through it I found it interesting :)

I found this article here at mycotopia.

Well after doing some reading at wetdreams.ws I have concluded that this wouldn't be successful in a kitchen lab. Lol I highly doubted it anyways when I found the article.

They say that this procedure looks promising but would need the use of column chromotography. You know what I mean I just can't spell it. And it probably would be best done in a nice lab setup.

Some day SWIM will either find lsd or have to make it (ofcourse after he attends chemist school : ) ) I have been on the hunt for it for a long time now. You might have seen one of my posts saying I was aquiring some just to read a few days later I had been ripped off.. lol ---- it. Some day. Some day.
I'm sorry, this thead has to be shut down.

No discussing syths on The Nexus.

The link can stay, but the thread is closed and the text has been removed.
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