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Freebased HBWR sublingually?

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Parrot mostly beeing imensly tummy sick after drinking HBWR macerate(either coffee or mint tea ones) even after ingesting up to 9 seeds of datura stramonium( he NEVER-EVER would take higher dose of datura stramonium ! )
yeah seeds weren`t from hawaii so they`ve been probably higher in uterotoxines then in lsa. yet they`ve caused noticeable psychedelic effects.


Parrot has an idea to grind about 10 seeds mixed them with base At begining, he thinking using of sodium carbonate 1 part :10 parts of hbwr dust and just for comparsion freebase other part (from the same batch of seeds) with just sodium bicarbonate 1:5
obviously mixed it with little of cold parboiled tap water, and make a dough which can be used sublingually.
Say after 20-30 mins one would spit it out and rinse his mouth , so nothing will go down the gut and act there in hostile manner.
This should be tested soon

Parrot is very happy as he used his frebased mix sublingually and wasn`t tummy sick (neither vomited nor shat himself) :lol:

So he grinded 1 gram of his seeds to almost powdery form(with some bigger chunks), then add to it 0.05g (50 mg)of sodium carbonate and mixed it with few drops of cold parboiled water, to create a little bit sticky yellow dough.

He applied this dough under his tongue and held it for 15 minutes in fairly dry mouth. After 15 minutes saliva started to flow uncontrollable and slowly diluted the dough..... :( Still he managed to hold it another 15 minutes,before he spat it out.

It vas VERY GREEN :shock: :shock: :shock: when he spat it out. Dark green like a grass. He has no idea how high was th pH but he certainly overkill it as the colur changed so dramaticly.

Anyway it did work as good as 12 seed macerate made out of the same batch. Only it comes on earlier and last a wee bit shorter. Both times he used 6 datura seeds and yohimbe power extract(16 mg yohinbe alkaloids 100mg lecithin and 24mg lipase) to counteract negtative effect.

He was nauseous and shat himself after drinking that bloody macerate, but non of this nonsense happened when used sublingually.
The reason could be simply that high pH destroyed some of the toxic alkaloids or they just not acttive when taken sublingually

He will try freebase it just with sodium bicarbonate next time and see how he gonna feel about it

Can`t wait it looks promissing 😉
Seven said:
can calcium hydroxide be used to freebase also?
It can be used in very litle ammounts , say 10mg on 1g of seed powder, but it`s unnecessarily strong base.

Even sodium carbonate it`s too strong and caused that mixture turned green when only 50mg was added to 1 gram of powdered seed

Parrot is a bit ill now( bird flu or something ) so he can`t try sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) yet

He wanna use 2oo mg of baking soda(NaHCO3) with 1 g of seed powder.
why exactly are you trying to freebase it?

and when SWIM did it...he would just grind up the seeds and then place them under his tongue..not swallowing anything...including any spit..and then he would spit it all out after 15-20 minutes...

works fine that way...but you need to use nine seeds instead of like six(orally)
HELLO Jorkest, how are you. Thanx for the idea
Jorkest said:
why exactly are you trying to freebase it?
Parrot does know that freebasing isn`t necessary but he also know that alkaloids in basic enviroment passing trough tissues in mouth quicker and more effective. See virola resin : it work on it`s own but when freebased it`s work better

He also believe that higher pH help release alkaloids from plant matter.

Sorry if this sounds untraditional, but he just speculating, that`s what they taught him on university

Jorkest said:
but you need to use nine seeds instead of like six(orally)
That`s doesn`t make sense. LESS seeds should be required when using this route of administration
That`s another reason why is he freebasing(or alkalising) the seed powder

Jorkest said:
..not swallowing anything...including any spit..and then he would spit it all out after 15-20 minutes...
He knows.
He hold it under his tongue for 30 minutes. After 15 minutes saliva start to flow in his mouth but he didn`t swallow anything and hold it another 15 minutes before spitting it all out!
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