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Freeze-Drying Ayahuasca


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Has anyone tried brewing and then Freeze-drying brewed Ayahuasca in order to just remove the water and leave a purified powder that could be capsulized in pre-dosed portions? This would theoretically extend the shelf life, and would stop people from having to drink the tea.

Any thoughts?
I have never tried this nor heard of anyone else doing so. However, you can just let your brew evaporate on a pyrex plate, scrape up the residue and gel cap it-- at least with MHRB and ACRB (don't know w/r/t chacruna brews). I do this and take harmala's separately before consuming the MHRB brew residue.

If you have a water brew, make sure to reduce it as much as possible before pouring it onto your glass plate. Also, more surface = faster evaporation.

OR you can make an alcohol extraction (AE) (basically a cold water extraction but with alcohol), which has the benefit of evaporating much more quickly than water. See this thread for info on alcohol extraction-- I much prefer it this way. (If you try this route, make sure to let us know your results because the data on AE is limited.)
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