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freeze precip container question

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what do you guys do your freeze precip in(container wise)to make it easy to get out once ready? I tried using 4 ounce wide mouth jelly jars but lose most in the jar. Quantity should also be noted I suppose as the small 50ml I am running will require a different vessel than a larger run. I hope to do a 250 gram of mhrb run next but have one more 50 g run to do first. Or maybe I should do it all in one. Is there a sweet spot for the size of run one does when it comes to containers and what not?
Imo, do NOT precip in anything except flat glass baking pans, unless its a jimjam jar you're trying to clean up. Baking pans & razorblade scrapers & you'll get a lot more of your hard work.
Flat pyrex baking tray things with glass lid like this.
Also have one with a plastic lid but i always put some aluminium foil over it to keep the fumes from eating the plastic lid.
Ofc a flat bottom on all of them else you will have a bad time.
Usually in the corners some dmt stays leftover but then i usually just throw another pull ontop and dont bother with scraping the corners. Just flush the naptha around to get the dmt out of the corners and then refreeze. At the very end i scrape the corners or i just wash it with drinking ethanol to get the rest.

I recommend having closed containers else your whole freezer will smell like naptha forever.


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