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Fresh Cactus To Imbibement. Advice sought.

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After pouring over the watershed of multiple valleys and tributaries to ingesting the sacred flesh of mescalito, I have a few poignant queries to make into the consumption of said sacrament.
Having located a bushel of cacti locally, specimen indubitable of san pedro constituents, a bioassaying mutagenic event hangs on a tang orange horizon.

IE. Immanent.

So, Eye recently witness video of an indigenous man who made a simple water extraction, of which eye am not even sure if heat was added. The curandero simply cut the despined cacti into one inch thick stars, without removing the core or anything else. It seamed that this was just allowed to sit in a metal vat, possible being simmered, until clay mugs were used as ladles to distribute the medicine to participants.

Also, have noted that a great deal of people either avoid or would rather work with cacti that have been dessicated or frozen.

Can anyone recommend a facile tek, and possible a dose arrangement, the verdant growth contains well over hundreds of pounds of the cosmic fruit.

Any remarks or pointers galvanize the infinite hadronic Mad shaman, thankfully.

Also it looks as though some pieces have fallen or been cut off the plant, would the alkaloids remain intact for a while, and what types of degradation should be avoided.?.?


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