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Friday the 13th S.H.E. Why Not?


I didn't even know it was Friday the 13th until I heard something on the radio, so I figure what the heck, let's do an impromptu S.H.E.

I know it's short notice, but no matter. I'll be happy if I get just two more members on board for tonight. The more the merrier though.

C'mon down, ladies and germs, confront your demons on the 13th, or shatter superstition by soaring on eagle's wings.
All right!

But if you're just smoking weed, you need to at least watch a horror movie as well, preferably something from the 80's or 90's as those are the classic decades for horror film--well, classic to a 31 year old. Just rewatched the first Child's Play; damn that doll is creepy, animated or inert.
I was definitely in last night! I think Friday the 13th is a great day! I don't recall ever having a bad Friday the 13th.

I started off smoking a mix of blue lotus, 10x amanita muscaria extract, freebase harmalas and cannabis around 7:30pm.
At about 10pm I loaded the GVG with 20mg DMT and 20mg harmalas freebase. One small "tester" hit followed by a full hit sent me completely into the wonderful craziness that is hyperspace!! :d
Sometime around 10:40pm I loaded a bowl with a mix of blue lotus and plain salvia. On top of that I put about 10-15mg DMT then a sprinkle 5x salvia and cannabis.

All in all a very beautiful night!!
kind of wish I noticed this...I need to pay more attention to this thread :)
I did smoalk 10mg before going to sleep...
had a nice time. some very nice roiling, swirling mass of shaped colors. and an unusually strong body buzzz

Friday the 13th is a favorite day of mine for sure, seem to be extra good days

I had some fresh DMT and wanted a friend to smoke with so made a few dates to smoke, one friend dropped out and me and other friend were set.
I had two weeks of thought put into this day.

I finished work and someone said happy friday 13th, i had a think, it did not faze me lucky 13 i say.

So smoked 50mg, it had been a while since my last trip.

It was the furthest i have ever gone, my first fully formed entity and it spoke to me.
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