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From Gangs To Gardens

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Check out filmmaker JLove Calderon's new film, ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ - a documentary following gang member turned organic gardener Ietef Vita. Vita, a hip hop musician, uses hip-hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth and educate them on gardening and healthy eating. In the film, Vita - who was recently invited, along with wife Alkemia (pictured below), to the White House to rep for Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign - states, "Tribalism is ingrained in us. We're supposed to rep our hoods, our community. But when it becomes violent, when it becomes destructive, that's why I realized that enough of this has happened." Watch the trailer below and CLICK HERE to see the film in full (co-produced by M1 from dead prez).

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



This is really cool. I once put some heavy consideration into the possibilities of permaculture to rehabilitate ex-cons. A lot of it comes down to survival and I think a lot of communities can really be empowered by sustainable practices. Definitely bookmarking this film and watching it. Thanks
I really like this concept. Now, if we could just get marijuana legalized, i think alot of gang members would actually discover they have a green thumb due to growing marijuana being so prominent.

Hopefully it catches on. I live in a community that is known for heavy gang activity & I can see something like this bringing alot of positive influence. There are some comkunity gardening projects going on here already, but not many go out & get involved aside from a few older members of the community who grow food to share with those who cannot afford to feed their families.
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