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Frost surviving yotes

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Long time since I've been on this board. A small post to share an experience with frost.

There was a tray of yotes staying in my unheated greenhouse.
I actually totally forgot about them till past weekend. There were 28 of them fully dried out at end of summer. Only 3 of them shrunk and died while they had around 5 periods of frost of which one was quite hard two weeks back (-10/-15 C) night and day. So it seems that those little gems can take a couple of good frost hits overall. Around 10% did not survive but it means the majority of them can survive our nordic climates if kept dry in a greenhouse.

If more die in the coming weeks I shall update this post.
There is definitely some genetic variability affecting the ability lower temperatures where it concerns pejuta. If memory serves me Lophophora williamsii var. echinata is one of the more cold tolerant of the bunch.
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