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Frozen aya

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A friend has some Aya they have kindly offered to share with me but they have had frozen for three or four years.

I searched "frozen aya"here with no results. I think in the past I read somewhere on the Nexus it could be frozen indefinitely.

My question is has anyone had experience with frozen Aya of such a vintage? Anything to worry about if using it? Or give this offer a miss?

Or of course take one for the team and report back on the other side!


If it was frozen while fresh and still good and it's been frozen since, then it should be still as good.

When I brew ayahuasca I make a lot more than one day's worth and freeze a lot for future use. It's never let me down this way.

I hope it goes well for you.
Hi abecedarian

Yes frozen just after brewed. Thanks for the reassurance.

If willing to share what is the longest time you have had yours frozen before use? Or have heard of being frozen? Four years sounds a long time!

I have indeed successfully consumed potent concentrated teas out of my freezer that were beyond 5 years old.

With ayahuasca plant teas and also some other medicine plant teas I end up with 5g worth per 50mL. 200mL containing the actives of 20g plant material in each of 10 clean Boost protein shake bottles. I do this from 200g dry plant material, for ayahuasca plants like caapi, rue, chacruna, chaliponga, MHRB and ACRB and also pain medicine flowers.

You should be good to go.
Hi abecedarian

You have answered my question exactly as I hoped someone would.

Incal, do you and your friend know what went into the frozen tea? I mean does he know how many grams of which plants ended up as how much volume of tea that's been frozen? That may be the deciding factor on how successful you can be with it.
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