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Full Moon Eclipse SHE Friday + Saturday


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Synchronized Hyperspace Event has been scheduled for Tonight + Tomorrow + Tomorrow night !

As I am sure many of you know, there is a full moon around 4-5AM PST this morning.

I will be on the top of the mountain with some friends enjoying the psychedelic night.

Anybody and everybody who wishes to participate feel free to go into hyperspace whenever you feel the call knowing there will be many of us all doing the same thing!

I hope everybody has a wonderful full moon SHE!

Wow what a great idea, i was super stoked to see the Lunar tonight/Tomorrow, and now that you have brought this idea into the picture. :)
I hope everyone (who was awake for it) had a beautiful eclipse!

Iboga on the mountain = the most beautiful sunrise I have yet to witness.

(And yes that is xanthoparmelia conspersa on the rock I was using as a tri-pod)


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Haha - the last photo loaded first - before I saw who posted it - and I thought - YES! This must be a House photo set!


These are truly lovely, thank you for sharing... Sadly it is to cloudy and overcast for me to see the eclipse, though i hope everyone else is enjoying this amazing celestial event.

Much Peace and Kindness
A couple more shots from 4am [looking like daylight] and around 6-7am for the sunrise...


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