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I want to try an MAO'I with my next dose.

I plan on buying some Shereded Yellow Caapi w/ my mimosa.

But I would rather smoke the freebase after I drink the tea I plan to make w/ the Caapi.

I'm really excited. What would this route of admission be called. Have you done it?
I hear it's very nice.

Have you drank caapi before? I could never justify it for smoking so I always used crude harmalas extracted from syrian rue sublingually.

I did read a very positive report here recently on a similar thing to what you want to try.
No as far as I know I've never purposefully ingested an MAOI in my life.

But its something that's been on my mind lately. I think I'm ready for it.
Anybody. I'm just wondering if the effects creep up on me like they would If I swallowed a cap of dmt or do they hit me like smoked dmt and last for a while? I just want to know what to expect so I can prepare myself.
I have never taken an MAOI before a smoked session, but I have read about people doing with great success. Have you ever smoked changa? I am sure that it would be somewhat similar, but you will have a higher MAOI dose with the caapi tea than you would if you were to smoke changa. My main smoking method is with changa and it is great. I have noticed that when I smoke changa the effects seem to come a bit slower, but still pretty quick. Not as slow as pharma, but not as fast as straight dmt.
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