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Fumarate or Freebase for oral administration?


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Hey guys. I just read that some people advises to use fumarate deems for oral administration instead of freebase. Is it really makes such a difference?
If yes i would have to look closer into the methods of getting fumarate, as now i am only familiar with freebase extraction.
Updated link here:

Some salt forms (different anions/acid components) may absorb more effectively than others but this is largely anecdotal.
Yea that wil be no problem since “jungle spice” is mostly just dmt. Just mix a bit of fumaric acid in water and dissolve the freebase in there.

I would like to tip you on a thread about colored dmt and also read the linkt threads in there to learn more about the research that has been done on the so called jungle spice.

Hey Varallo.
I am aware of that post, however i read also other interesting one, that points that the jungle spice is not "mostly dmt".
I mean if teh puuls are done with xylene or toluena AFTER most of the DMT was pulled with Naptha/Ether then it is something else.
I would like to check it on my own, so i am collecting now my spent bark solution and soon will do some puuls with xylene.
And then i will check it on my own. Since as for now i have an experience that the first deems i got from my friend had a bit different effect on me than the one i extracted my self in first extractions.

Here is the mentioned post about jungle spice.

Yes there are two links in that thread the one above the one you refer to is the follow up some time later, there the various samples are analyzed and they are mostly dmt, even the one made by extracting with xylene or toluene. I also remember people doing blind testing and where not able to tell what’s dmt and what’s JS, can’t remember the tread but you should be able to find it.

Anyway have a try yourself and set your experiment up, it’s a lot of fun, and then if you think you have jungle spice use kykeon to analyze your product to verify your JS.

Take care

Ow I think this one is interesting too
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