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Fumaric Acid solubilities

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What is fumaric acid not soluble in at all that alkaloids may be soluble in ?

methanol ?
dcm ?
heptane ?

merck says

Properties: Monoclinic, prismatic needles or leaflets from water. d 1.625. Sublimes at 200°. Sublimes at 165° at 1.7 mm pressure. Partial carbonization and formation of maleic anhydride occur at 230° (open vessel). mp 287° (closed capillary, rapid heating). pK1 (25°): 3.03; pK2: 4.54. Absorption spectrum: Macbeth, Stewart, J. Chem. Soc. 111, 830 (1917). Soly in 100 g water at 25°: 0.63 g; at 40°: 1.07 g; at 60°: 2.4 g; at 100°: 9.8 g; in 100 g 95% alcohol at 30°: 5.76 g; in 100 g acetone at 30°: 1.72 g; in 100 g ether at 25°: 0.72 g. Almost insol in olive oil, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, xylene, molten camphor, liq ammonia.

Bob wants to separate mesembrine fumarate from fumaric acid but thinks this would be a usefull list to have around anyway.
Xylene could be used but swim doesnt want to evaporate it down to the final product - it was precipitated out of xylene in the first place anyway - this is a wash to remove residual xylene and fumaric acid.
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