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funny ideas given a bit of life....


ओं मणिपद्मे हूं
funny ideas from far out...

given a bit of life in chat,

take it as you would a grain of salt.....

21:24:53 ‹Kazoo...› so i was thinking the other day....
21:25:43 ‹Kazoo...› so about the "SHE" concepts
21:26:01 ‹Kazoo...› some ideas behind
21:26:38 ‹Kazoo...› if we are connected energeticly
21:27:36 ‹Kazoo...› when one peice of the energy field spikes upward
21:28:37 ‹Kazoo...› it may be possible to "piggyback" on the potential of the others upward spike
21:30:02 ‹Kazoo...› so when when broddening the playing field one may create a bigger playgroung for others to step into and base off of
21:30:30 ‹Kazoo...› even if on ther sides of the globe
21:31:05 ‹Frac7alt1m3› i can agree with that idea
21:31:12 ‹Kazoo...› if one party makes a good amout of headway, it is like a new basecamp
21:31:18 ‹Frac7alt1m3› we need more SHEs
21:31:21 ‹Frac7alt1m3› lol
21:31:34 ‹Kazoo...› see and if it was a really good party.... well.....
21:31:49 ‹Frac7alt1m3› haha
21:32:00 ‹kittylover› what matters is your ordinary state
21:32:09 ‹Kazoo...› but this piggy backing to get higher
21:32:11 ‹kittylover› the trip state might be so far out of the field
21:32:18 ‹kittylover› that nobody is able to grasp the frequency
21:32:28 ‹Kazoo...› its like how a rocket ship has different tanks of fuel
21:32:39 ‹Kazoo...› to reach different altitudes
21:33:06 ‹Frac7alt1m3› more SHEs
21:33:24 ‹kittylover› more PEOPLE
21:33:46 ‹Kazoo...› see but iff we are connected then the far out feild is what the playground is going to look like for that moment right?
21:34:02 ‹Kazoo...› we all effect the playground
21:34:17 ‹kittylover› depends on what you expect a playground to be
21:34:20 ‹Kazoo...› wether we conciously know it or not
21:34:25 ‹kittylover› if its the boundaries
21:34:28 ‹kittylover› of the human min
21:34:29 ‹kittylover› d
21:34:38 ‹kittylover› yeah - with every experience we push it farther
21:35:36 ‹Kazoo...› i notice when i trip with others we can in a sence get higher
21:35:53 ‹Kazoo...› do to colective momentum
21:38:04 ‹kittylover› i never did it with others
21:38:13 ‹kittylover› at least not the heavy introspective ones
21:38:28 ‹kittylover› lsd once
21:40:06 ‹Kazoo...› playing with friends is nice
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