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Further purification needed?

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Hello! I can't believe I didn't know about this site until now, needless to say I'm really impressed. Anyhow I know it's not the best way to introduce myself, but I have a question regarding DMT extraction (how I found the forums) and this seems like a great place to go. So I had a dream, that someone had just finished a small extraction using Mimosa Hostilis, 100% Sodium Hydroxide and 100% Naptha. After the non polar extraction, the DMT containing naptha was transferred to a glass cup in the freezer at -30 celsius for 3 days. Small "snow globe style" crystals had formed on all sides of the cup. The naptha was poured out, the crystals on the sides of the cup were untouched, the cup was placed next to a fan. After all the naptha had evaporated from the cup, the small shards (pure white) were scraped off and stored. Also noted a very thin film on the bottom of the cup that could be scraped off to look like the other shards. [b:275e357f27]The question is[/b:275e357f27]: Would these crystals be safe to smoke (hypothetically) or is more purification needed to be sure? I'm aware there is an "ammonia wash" method for purifying crystals, however it wouldn't seem too appealing after seeing complaints from people who have said this method ruined their product, anyone who has had this work well for them? Thanks in advance.
[quote:a25d0afe7d="Noman"]It'll be fine like that or you could recrystalize. I'm going to change the ammonia wash in my tek to a polar wash of the NP after extraction.[/quote:a25d0afe7d] Interesting...thank you Noman.
Smoking the powdery white spice pulled directly from the freezer produced very weak effects, so recrystallization was attempted however the dmt was allowed to get too hot and a 75% yield loss occured. :( The man in this dream needs more practice.
Thats interesting that you do the wash, gypsy, when I'm about to cut it from my tek, as you seem to know your shit. Do you think its washing anything out besides solvent? Some weird yellow shit id left behind thats for sure And its not spice Yah, the NP wash is better And one should have a sep funnel anyway Recrystalize though :D
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