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Gambling problem

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Hi Guys,

honestly, I dont really have an idea how this side works, but I guess its mainly learning by doing.

Who am I? Middle 20‘s, from Austria, living in Mexico. The reason why I‘m here is my gambling addiction. Since 6 years, I cant stop gambling. Nearly every penny is going directly in the machines or on the poker table. Without exaggeration, around 100.000€s. I tried everything, psychological support, Eckhard Tolle, the unethered soul, I was even 6 weeks in a stationary clinic. The outcome?

I gambled after that more than I did before. School medicine/ psychology didnt help me. Even getting on a level of higher conciousness with medidations, does not prevent me 100% from gambling.

Due to that, I hope to find answers why I have this addiction with DMT. I have next Sunday my first Mimosa ceremony in Tulum. I dont even really know whats awaiting me, is there maybe anybody with a similar problem (drugs, alcohol etc)
I've had a problem with cannabis. I was smoking a lot of it, every day. And at some point i realised that i was ruining my lungs, that i was throwing away lots of money, that i wasn't realy enjoying it anymore, and that i wasn't exactly flourishing. I was getting lazy and passive.

I wanted to quit, but i somehow couldn't.

Every morning i would say to myself "i'm not gonna smoke weed today". And then at the end of the day, it always turned out that i had managed to find some kind of excuse or justification.
I realy started hating myself for it.

I don't know what eventually changed all of this. It wasn't one big moment where i suddenly saw the light or heard the voice of god or jesus.

But i do know that i gradually came to realise that i was fooling myself. I somehow believed that i wouldn't be able to cope with the stress and frustrations of life, without weed. I somehow believed that i was a victim. I somehow believed that no matter what i would do or wouldn't do, i would eventually fall back into the habit again. Like i had no controll over it myself.

And these false beliefs provided an excuse for me, for not giving life my 100%.

You have to realise that you can always endure much more than you like to think you can. If you don't realy believe that, then you can never beat it.
Welcome to the nexus. I cant speak personally about how much it will help in overcoming addiction, but some reports indicate that it can be of use.

I know DMT is very intense and very short acting, so it is hard to divine meaning sometimes, at least in my case. Have you looked into Ayahuasca? From what I understand, Aya is a more effective medicine than DMT by itself.

Well, good luck on your travels, I hope you overcome your problem.
Admitting you have a problem with gambling is half the battle! Your half way home already!

I mean you can see the problems gambling is creating in your life. You see it and it is something that your mind will play around with. Watch it crave and make up all sorts of excuses and logics to convince you to gamble once again. It will create these stories and will make the solution gambling. Your mind is wrong. Nothing bad about that. Perfectly fine to be wrong sometimes. But you see it now... otherwise you would not have posted this.

Seems obvious to state the following, but it is worth mentioning.

Stay away from whatever it is you are trying to quit. If you drink... no bars. If you gamble.. no casinos or race tracks. Do what you can not put yourself into a situation where you will have a temptation.

I think the biggest thing you have to do it is make that big decision to quit gambling one day. The day you just say "Enough is enough!" and you never gamble again.

Does the thought of never gambling again make you uneasy? If so... really look at that... feel it. That is the addiction staring you in the face. Hard to face addiction. Don't want to look at it or feel it. The only way to really get over you addiction is through practice, perseverance and most of all loving yourself. Surround yourself with people that will support you. You can do this! Just gotta go through the hard work of quitting. Good thing in your case is that it is not a physical addiction. This is all just mind games. Quit playing the mind games. Quit and don't look back.

DMT may help you see your gambling problem in a new perspective... and maybe it won't help at all. Don't rely on something external. It is all on you! Many things you have tried have not worked out with the lowest common denominator being you. Sounds like you are on the right track and a good line of thinking right now. Like I said, your halfway home.

Good luck to you!
With slots the more you play the more you lose. Poker's a long term winnable game if you're really good. If you can't beat the habit, maybe read some books on strategy?
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