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G'day Everyone 😊

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Hey guys ☺

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this amazing group. It truly is a hub of knowledge. A safe, comfortable place to learn, share & grow.

I'm a male, in my early 30's, self-employed & father to more than a few bright little sparks of life.

I found the Nexus whilst researching DMT & was blown away that this virtual sanctuary exists! Rather than just fuel my thirst for knowledge on "The Spirit Molecule", the Nexus forums brought back memories of my many teenage adventures & had me laughing & walking around the house with a cheeky smile 😏

Life is so busy these days & I rarely have time for anything outside of work or family life.. although.. Lately there's been a niggling voice deep inside, a part of myself that I had shelved, wrapped up in a blanket of duty & responsibility. My partner recently gave me her blessing to drop some acid on my birthday, while she looked after the kids. It was exactly what I needed, a night relaxing on a verandah, looking out onto a moonlit valley, feeling completely content with life & allowing all of my built up stress to melt away.

Since then I've found a better balance & have carved out time for the little things in life, like reading & starting a bonsai. I've also taken a few jaunts into hyperspace, but I'll save those stories for another thread.. 😉

Thanks again everyone, you have a great thing here at the Nexus.
It truly is a hub of knowledge. A safe, comfortable place to learn, share & grow.

You damn right!:d The Nexus is seriously without a doubt, the greatest forum there is, was and ever will be, on the Internet. And that is no exaggeration. This is place is moar than just a forum. It's a community, it's a family, a haven of knowledge. Truly an "Entheogenic University".

Loved reading about your story man, really look forward to having you here.

I eagerly await those trip reports, BTW.:twisted:

you have a great thing here at the Nexus.

Indeed my friend. And don't you ever forget it!😁

Welcome to the Nexus, brotha!:thumb_up:

"Learn, Share, Expand" it's what it's all about!
Welcome to the Nexus!

Indeed sometimes its hard to find time for psychedelics when normal life is already so demanding. But that is very very good if your partner is understanding and supportive like you mentioned! :)

Whats your experience with psychedelics in general, and DMT in particular.. Are you more interested in vapped DMT, or oral? Have you been doing psychedelics for long?
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