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G'day from Melbourne, Australia, it's summer but you wouldn't know it.

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Hello everyone,

I've been stalking around these parts for a little while now, so it's an honor to finally become a legit member.

I guess my journey only started about 6 years ago, when my mind began to open up, I'd separated from my wife and partner for over 17 years and I felt like it was time to find the true and probably self suppressed me. It's been quite the growth period, lots of ups and plenty of downs, 2 years ago I was told of these magic plant medicines of the Amazon Jungle, the the draw at the start seemed to be huge, but it did dissipate, another year had gone past and I noticed I was hearing and reading the word 'Ayahuasca' all the time, it seemed to be presenting itself weekly or more, so the flame had been lit in me again and I finally took the plunge and started to look for places I could sit with mother, in the right set and setting. I eventually, after exhausting many of the local (Australian) avenues to do my work, decided I had a great opportunity to go to the origins of Ayahuasca and go to South America, within weeks of researching places and flights, I was booked and ready to go. I'd decided to go with an experienced gringo shaman as I wanted to get my messages translated, if there were any, little did I know, my shaman wasn't good at this and basically was just good at the Icaros and holding space. The place in Iquitos was quite rough, the food wasn't anything to brag about and the days in between ceremony, were filled in with whatever we could think of to do. Of the four ceremonies we did, only the last one seemed to get me anywhere close to were I wanted to be, and eventually at the end of the 'workshop' I left feeling quite disappointed and feeling like I wasn't any better off than when I arrived, even though I'd formed some lifetime bonds with my fellow journeyers, no I wasn't where I wanted to be. I hung around Iquitos with a couple of guys from the 'retreat' for a week and then solo I finally made my way up to Leticia in the south east of Colombia 'the golden Triangle'. In Leticia I decided I needed to stop lamenting and do some 'things', I booked a 3 day jungle tour, it was great, I once again met some nice people and felt a bit more at peace with myself. On the second day we went off for a jungle walk and to the surprise of everyone including our guide, we came across a tarantula crossing our path (they don't usually come out in the day), our guide picked it up and we all had a look at it and to my surprise, I had the urge to hold it, this was MASSIVE for me as I'd always been terrified of spiders, due to an incident with a red back spider as a child, I wasn't quite ready to feel the spider on my skin so I pulled my sleeves over my hands and waited for it to slowly crawl onto me, I have to admit it was a scary but exhilarating moment, it crawled up my arm and then onto my back, this was the point where it got a bit too much, as I couldn't see it and I got them to remove it. Even though it got to this point, I felt like I had crossed a very big barrier, hmmm maybe I have taken something from mother??? My trip took me through Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and then on the way back down to Peru, through Ecuador. Throughout this time, I'd come to realize that Mother had given me a lot of strength, courage and confidence to do many things I'd once been hesitant to try or do.

I'm back home in Melbourne now and know I have much more work to do with plant medicines, I'm growing and finding the real me, finally, I hope to get over to Thailand soon and sit with mother once again, but I'll be taking a bigger dose so hopefully I can go deeper, I feel like I have a resistance to either DMT or have stronger stomach enzymes that break it down too soon, maybe it's my ego and strong mind not letting me go deep enough, who knows, maybe I'll find out soon enough.

If anyone wants to chat about my experiences please feel free to message me.

Good luck on your journey

lots of love

gidday, also new here, also Aussie :)

I like your story, it's interesting because I have been thinking about the South American gringo shaman thing and (to me) I can't think of anything worse, something about groups and money and so on kind of reminds me of the Victorian spiritualists gathering to listen to fake messages from their dead loved ones. Anyway it sounds like you got something from the experience that has been beneficial so that's great. Just wanted to say hi and good luck in your journey.

gently as you go,
Thanks 05hun,
Thanks for your reply, yeah I did get a lot from in in retrospect, but no, I wouldn't go to this specific shaman, I can't say he was all about money, he just seemed not to really care about much apart from in ceremony he was quite good. If i was to go again to SA I would look around Pulculpa, I know of a highly recommended shaman there. hopefully I can find a really good one in Thailand (Ko Phangan) I've heard there are some really good ones there as well :) Have you done any plant medicines yet? And where in Oz are you?

Good luck finding the right situation.
I'm in NSW.
Home grown and cooked DMT, and mushrooms are my plant friends, along with a bit of Cannabis (I don't grow that).

Gently as you go,
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