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General hybridized ATB tek questions

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Just a couple of quick questions, which I couldn't find the answers to, any links to existing topics would be great.

What % yield difference do freeze/thaw cycles make? I understand freezing the bark (I'm using MHRB) swells the vacuoles and causes DMT to be released into the mix, but could this be switched out for a longer acid soak? Specifically this question is regarding Cyb's 'Max Ion' tek.

During Cybs' Hybrid ATB 'Salt' tek when can I pause the process? My understanding is I could take a break in between any of the steps. I don't see how that could cause any issues, even if the mix was left at room temperature overnight, but confirmation would be great.

Thanks :)
Hi supposedlylegal, welcome!

I believe the freeze/thaw cycles will make it quicker to get more dmt out of the plant material on the first pulls, but you will still be able to get a great yield without it, but you may need to wait longer after the lye is added.
The lye will break down the cell walls, as will freezing.
Your yield is dependant on your bark/plant material, and all teks will work, just different ways of getting there.

As for taking a break, I have left base soup sitting for months.
I have never let it sit before then, but as long as it isn't getting moldy, it should be OK.
Doing a pull at 1 week and 2 weeks will still yield more goodies, as the lye has totally broken down all the plant material.
Keep doing pulls until there's nothing left.

See this thread.

Good luck on your extraction!😁
Thanks for your response :)

That sounds great to me. In that case, I'll likely take a break before pulling and leave the base mixture overnight (at room temp).

I'll also be interested in comparing my numbers from the two Cyb teks (since I'll only be freezing the later batch).
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