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I recently took a small dose of synthetic 5-MeO-DMT. It was roughly 5 mg of the stuff, insufflated.

The experience was not overwhelmingly powerfull, so i don't think it gave me a good impression yet of what 5-MeO-DMT is capable of.
I took it when i was coming down from an LSD experience so there might have been some cross tolerance going on, but at the same time i was still feeling the effects of the LSD so the opposite could also be true.

But here's what i found realy interesting: the experience was remarkably simmilar to the yopo experiences that i've had thus far. So that seems to indicate to me that either there are active amounts of 5-MeO-DMT in yopo, or 5-MeO-DMT shares some of it's characteristics with yopo's main constituent, bufotenine.

It was a pretty euphoric experience. Yopo, taken in conjunction with other psychedelics, has often given me the sensation of slowly dissolving in vibrating, golden light. First everything starts becoming vibration, the objects in the room, the walls, and even space itself. Yopo is pretty visual, unlike 5-MeO-DMT, and it makes everything look like it is made of vibrating strings of golden light. Then i start to feel like i'm made of these strings myself as well, and i sort of melt into this web of light, and that is easily one of the most euphoric experiences i know.

The low dose of 5-MeO-DMT felt exactly like that, but without the visual component. It felt like slowly melting together with the room and everything in it, including the space of the room. It felt warm and vibrant. It felt like dissolving into pure energy. Very nice.

That sensation did not seem to last very long though. There was definately a peak, wich i guess lasted for maybe five to ten minutes, and then i was left with an undefined sort of warm, pleasant, trippy feeling that lasted for maybe another twenty to thirty minutes.

There was a bodyload, wich was relatively strong, but not uncomfortable. Just a feeling of increased gravity.

The only not so pleasant effect i experienced was a bit of a stingy feeling in the nose.

Considering the fact that i was not overwhelmed, i suppose i did only get a slight glimpse of what this substance is capable of. The way several nexians describe a full breakthrough experience, makes me believe a small dose is vastly different from a large dose, and also that this substance is to be treated with caution and respect. And given the fact that fellow nexians who've all taken DMT as well as many other powerfull psychedelics are saying this, i take this advice very seriously.

Yet, thus far i must say that i realy liked it.
Thank you for sharing. Most interesting. It also gives me some information to work with as I have yet to try both yopo and 5meo (though I have both). Time to level up :lol:

Also, iirc, 5meo is in yopo to a smaller extent than bufo, so wouldn't be surprised if that's where some of the similarity comes from.

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All I can add here is that I've given a phalaris extract that's 5-meo-dominant to a group of friends to try who had LSD the night before.

3 felt no effects at all no matter how high the dose was while one felt threshold effects. The following day after smoking the extract they gave it another try and all of them experienced the effects of a medium dose from an actual high dose.

Me and a couple of other friends know first hand how powerful an extract this is. So yeah LSD and 5-meo definitely have cross tolerance. The cross tolerance peaks at around 24 hours mark.
Does anybody more experienced with the substance than me find it strange when i say that i found a moderate dose of it, of all substances i know beside yopo, the most simmilar to laughing gas?
I think i could best describe that mild dose experience as: N2O with a clear tryptamine feel to it.
No 5-meo-dmt experience is the same in my opinion. Sometimes frightening, other times blissful or leads to laughing hysteria. I smoke it as infused herb in a joint so dosing isn't accurate. However I had it in all ranges of dosage. Heavy doses sometimes are easier to handle than medium ones. Medium seems where most variance in effects happens.

Laughing isn't a very common thing for me though with 5.
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