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Ghaflah غفل (Bad Set and Setting of the Heart)

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This wornd suddely popped up at the back of intezam heart today: Ghafla (غفل name of disease)
Will spare you the exact circumstances, instead:
A Parable

A random traveiler passes through dry season wilderness area while traveiling/tripping on a journey. On his way, he finds himself confronted by a hungry, solitary, male lion, which begins to race towards the man in order to hunt him. The man, seeing this, begins to run for his life but soon gets tired...... At that point, he notices an acacia tree (Talh) and quickly climbs it. However the lion, refusing to give up, is still stalking him beneath the tree waiting for the man to fall. The lion also attempts to climb the tree, but he is too heavy......

After the night, the man feels himself losing strength, but knows if he falls, he will be eaten, so with stealth he turns to the other side (of the tree) to jump off the acacia and (try) run (again). Yet there, beneath him, he finds a pit of viper snakes. There are now two things which could happen. Looking further down, the man realizes that there are two beavers eating away at the trunk of this acacia tree, 0ne(1) black and 0ne(1) white, and notices his tree is about to fall. In addition the Acacia Tree 's (Talh) swollen thorns houses bullet ants that now attack the man.... In the midst of this all, the man spots an africanized bees' honeycomb near his branch and begins to reach out and eat the honey .....

Will the man wake up to his reality? Or will he continue eating honey while his tree of life is falling? Ending his chance to awaken (from a state of ghafla) while alive (and do Tawbah) abruptly?

The man = we (the intezam in a state of carefree distraction heedlessness)
the lion = whatever accidents, diseases, calamities may happen (the messengers of the Lord of Death)
The pit of vipers = similar/same as above
The Acacia Tree = 0ne(1)'s Life e.g. The Tree of Life (under attack)
The white Beaver = 0ne(1)'s remaining days (to get good set & setting - return to Awareness)
The black Beaver = 0ne(1)'s remaining nights (to get good set & setting - return to Awareness)
The Bees = 0ne(1)'s remaining hours and minutes (to get good set & setting - return to Awareness)
The Ants = 0ne(1)'s remaining seconds and smaller moments (to get good set & setting - return to Awareness)

The Honey = the power of habit energy, distractions, passions and the (delusional) sweetness of the worlnd / Dunya

(Understanding) The Situation = The (worlnd as) Signs (Alam)

As a Healing of the situation in our unorganized Sannnnnnd deen we have the additional option of doing Tawbah in regular intervals, typically 5 times during the day/night and 1 voluntary additional 0ne(1) during the night, or, ...as many as needed:

Allah's apostle said,"By Hoo in Whose Hand is my life, if people were not to commit sin, Allah would sweep them out of existence and He would replace them with those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness (Tawbah), and Hoo would have pardoned them."

But best would be if the intezam would also take assistance to The Healing (Al Shifa) of Heart Disease (Ghafla)- Sometimes...the gladdening Truth reaches intezam either at lightening speeds incomprehensible, or (mostly), in slow motion, like through thick, near about blanck molasses and we are even slower to enact upon it (!).It also reaches we as soft invitations during dream. Unfortunately we have multiple distractions, incl....birnds

Anyways, hopefully we will 0ne(1) day be able to enact upon it accordingly rather then talking like a hypocrite-robbo-doggo, till then we have the horrible & dishonorable culture of acting as-if until 0ne(1) lucky day we will hopefully feel such a degree of shame that we will God willing (be able to) enact upon it too....:shock: Tawbah tawbah !


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I always enjoy your posts Intezam! They are psychedelic in their own right! Thought provoking and strangely entertaining for me.

Please allow me to present a parable as well:

Upon the same tree there are two birds, one on the top, the other below. The one on the top is calm, silent, and majestic, immersed in his own glory; the one on the lower branches, eating sweet and bitter fruits one after another, hopping from branch to branch, is becoming happy and miserable based on whether the fruit it eats is sweet or bitter.

After a time, the lower bird eats an exceptionally bitter fruit, and feeling miserable, he looks up and sees the other bird, that wondrous one of golden plumage who eats neither sweet nor bitter fruit, who is neither happy nor miserable, but calm and centered. The lower bird longs for this condition, but soon forgets it, and again begins to eat the fruit, which eventually makes him once again feel miserable, and he again looks up, and he tries to get nearer to the upper bird. Once more he forgets, and after a time he looks up again, and so on he goes again and again, until he comes very near to the beautiful bird and sees the reflection of light from its plumage playing around his own body. He feels a change, and as he comes nearer, he seems to melt away, and everything about him melts away until at last he understands this wonderful change.

The lower bird was, as it were, only the shadow, the reflection of the higher; he himself was in essence the upper bird all the time! This eating of the fruits, sweet and bitter, this lower little bird, weeping and happy by turns, was merely a vain dream: all along there was only the real bird above, calm, and silent, glorious and majestic, beyond grief, beyond sorrow.
haha....great story, just like Bhadra :love: :thumb_up:

Bhadra replied, “As the Buddha establishes those matters which baffle the world, I also baffle the world. Why is this so? This is because the Buddha, the Bhagavān, from being without self, speaks of the existence of sentient beings and life, causing the world to be baffled. In the Tathāgata’s realization of Bodhi, there is no perception of even the slightest dharmas of birth and death, and yet he speaks of birth and death. As I understand it, only the Tathāgata greatly baffles the world.” The Buddha said, “Excellent, excellent, good man! It is just as you have spoken. The buddhas, the tathāgatas, from being without self and even apart from all birth and death, according to worldly conventions speak of sentient beings and so forth. There is also not even the slightest dharma which may be called Nirvāṇa, and from this realization of the attainment of Nirvāṇa, they speak of Nirvāṇa.”
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