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Gidday from Aotearoa

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Kia Ora from the land of the long white cloud - New Zealand.

Newbie here just starting to reach out to like minded people, particularly in New Zealand who have experienced DMT before. Although I'm not new to the realm of psychoactive substances, I've never tried what I consider to be the "holy grail" of psychs - DMT.

Anyone willing to reach out and discuss - would love to hear from you.

Nga Mihi,
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little offtopic - here in europe a maori-healer is touring through germany and netherlands...they have really great techniques and powerfull force to heal / clean the body and mind / energy.

Much respect and love for this work.
> http://www.maorihealingaotearoa.com/ezard-tamaki.html

partially it is like DMT im terms of letting go.. :)

Wish you the best and have fun with the transposition-tool DMT
Use it with respect.

Love from germany
Interesting stuff Tom! Interestingly I haven’t come across this in my homeland before, but Maori are a deeply spiritual culture so this looks intriguing!
Not a Kiwi but I do go there very often. New Zealand is a very beautiful place. There's definitely something very special about that land and I've always felt that there is a lot of ancient wisdom there. You're very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
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