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Glad to finally join the community of fellow travelers.


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45 yo psychonaut here. Did some exploration of psychedelics in my 20s. Than took a break and entered a path of selfrealization, spirituality and meditation. Recently discovered DMT and the science of extraction. Did my first extractions, learn basics of MAOis, and now i wish to explore the topic further. Different kind of extractions (heard so many things about jungle spice), and also wish to try pharmauhasca. So i am glasd i can learn from all of you experienced travelers, and i hope you will share some knowledge with me.
Welcome @Kalitechnik, glad to have you here with us! Sounds like a beautiful path you've walked on, and I'm sure you have some valuable perspectives that you will share with us in time. If knowledge and experience regarding psychedelics, and more specifically DMT, is what you're after, then you're definitely in the right place.

Enjoy the Nexus! ❤️
Hey there @Kalitechnik , welcome to the Nexus <3

It's funny the way entheogenic exploration and sincere spiritual seeking tend to weave together. The medicine and the method support one another in such a beneficial way!

What kind of extraction method did you use? Have you used any of the DMT you extracted yet? I am curious to hear about your recent experiences.

As you familiarize yourself with the community, take the time to read over the FAQ and Attitude Page, as they are quite helpful in helping you make the most of your time here.

Again, welcome <3
@Nydex - thank your warm welcome.

@Subtlevibrations - yes indeed. I always used psychedelics as way of self exploration. It was an interesting journey, and now when i discovered DMT i say to myself that this is like a graduation from my psychedelic studies. This compound is really amazing and i am just at the threshold of amazing journey.

As for now i did few extractions based on the "dptek" tek developed around Minty`s community. I did few side by side tests to see how much i can simplify it, and if all the steps are really neccesary. And what i came up to is that this is what i do:

1. Soaking 80mg powdered bark in 250ml water with 40g of citric
2. After 24 soak i throw the bark to the (earlier prepared) solution of 1l water + 110g of lye + 120g of salt
3. Then i top it up with a bit of cold water (dptek is after 21C pulls)
4. Then i do quick pulls with pet-ether. Usually 3 each with around 100-120ml of pet-ether.
5. I use a small elmenmeyer flask with water to place my all pulls there (as a protection against some soup pulls)
6. From the elmenmeyer flask i pipette out all the pulls and place all of them in the pyrex dish.
7. Pyrex dish goes to the freezer for overnight, and then i pour off the pet-ether for later use.
8. Usually i am left with 0.8 - 1.4 % yeild of white (sometimes bit yellowish) crystals.

Yes i tried it few times allready. Started with e-mesh vapourization, then switched to d-juice.
The most amazing experiences i had with 2g of rue tea followed by a 4 hour session with d-juice.

Right now after doing some research i wish to explore some more possibilities with all the harmalas and some full spectrum spice extraction (as i heard it is different experience than pure crystals i am getting from my extractions).

Also i am looking for more friendly ways of vapourization as i dont really like the PG/VG vapours to much. (wondering about how the atomizers for wax/concentrates coould work).

Also i am interested in the whole pharmauasca experience so want to learn the best ways of extraction and combination of compounds for this method.
I am happy finally i registered here. Wonderfull place and amazing member with such a vast knowledge and experience.
@Kalitechnik I am no chemist, but 1.4% is pretty solid. Most MHRB is between the 1-3% DMT. I have only used straight-to-base techniques myself, so perhaps someone else can offer you deeper insights on your tek.

If you are interested in exploring other means of dosing through smoking/vaporization, I would encourage you to check out the world of changa, a smoking herb blend infused with DMT and also sometimes harmalas alkaloids. I suspect you will find changa far more appealing to the tastebuds, especially as you can select your own herbs to suit your preferences.

The Nexus is indeed a deep well of information, and I am confident you will find the tools you need to make your desired explorations reality.

Welcome to the Nexus. I really resonated with your intro of use in your 20's then returning to find DMT in your 40's. What a difference, right?

I hope you find what you seek and am glad you decided to sign up.

Oh and bravo! for extracting your own in an era where street drugs really can kill with one hit. :love:
Welcome @Kalitechnik
Great thoughtful intro.

My first and only extraction was the Veggietek STB. I like simple.
I've got another kilo + 100g of MHRB that will likely last me the rest of my life at the rate in which I use it.
If I'm going to take something like this, I want to know what's in it, and the best way is to make it yourself, so bravo to you on your extraction.

I've never tried any other form of dosing besides e-mesh. For me that it super simple and convenient, but, I haven't tried any other method so what do I know. :D

One of the things I really like about DMT, at least for me, is it is a 'use when needed' tool.
I can feel right now that it's probably time for another trip after...I can't remember when the last trip was actually. Maybe a month or more...(What year are we in again?)
When I'm heads down in work and travel I tend to lose myself, and who I am. I get into machine mode. I don't get the time to just be in my own head, or do things like come to this forum to truly experience other people and their journeys. Once that happens, negativity starts seeping in. Humans were designed for outdoors.

It's exiting to see someone excited again about all the possibilities. This recharges my batteries. 🪫🔋

Thank you for posting.
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