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going nowhere

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How long has it taken most people here before their first breakthrough?

Ive tried a few hundred times now, over about 2 years.

I've tried in the dark, in the light, in a shed, on a bed, by the river, on top of mountains, in the middle of the forest, eyes opened, eyes closed, in a joint, in a bong, in a vaporizer, with weed, with salvia, just on its own.

Ive had a lot of different experiences on it. But Ive never felt like I'm going anywhere or leaving my body. Ive seen a lot of crazy stuff, but never felt like I'm in the presence of any other characters.

Is it just me?

Am i not ready for it?

Do I just need to let go?

How do I let go?

I still really enjoy it, but I thought I would have had something that resembles what everyone describes as a breakthrough by now.
I believe that it's a thing that gradually evolves for some people. They told Swim, that he'll see what he's ready to see, and that he needs to "learn his lesson" before he can dive in deeper.
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