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Golden naptha after extraction

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Yesterday i have done a first pull on my mhrb. I followed the cyb max ion tek with slightly different volumes of water. All my pulls yield a golden naptha. I founded it a odd thing but i put the pull in the freezer. After 8 hours i only got a few crystals out of it. The liquid seems still to be golden of color in the freezer. Today took the rest of the pulls and still the golden color but now i poured it the pyrex dish and let it evaporated. After 2 minutes the golden color disappeared and there where the white clouds in the naptha. It's now in the freezer and it looks great. I hope i can recover my first pull with this method.


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Yes your naphtha will turn that color because of the oils that you are also pulling and especially if you're doing a room temperature pool you have to evaporate the naphtha down to about a third of what the original volume is until it looks white and cloudy
I've had extremely yellow naptha on pulls before that yeilded the most amazing substance. I was doing everything like normal, but the first pull was dark yellow. When that one came out of the freezer, it looked like normal crystals, however when I set in front of the fan to dry, it dissolved ( I thought I had screwed up somehow, or excess nap or somthing ). But I left in front of the fan for 10 mins, then put back in freezer, hoping to save it. Left it in freezer for four hours, then pulled out, same thing happened. So, I just scraped up the honey, and put in container. Smoked some and it was hugely active. Then to my suprise the very next day, it hardened to a fumarate-like consistancy. This product is to date the best I've ever had. Unreallllllllllllll visions. As you well know, words do not do justice here. Maybe you've got the goo. That was my first exp. with goo, and I'd love to get it again. The odd thing was, other two pulls were normal crystals. But anyway, that was the only thing I noticed different during the extraction, was the ultra yellow nap. I was doing pretty heated pulls, maybe more n-n? I hope for your sake you have the same thing I had going on. I should've snapped a pic of it before I got halfway through it, but you know how it goes.
nan0tEch said:
I just added the pictures to my post. Damn nexus to turn my pictures 90°, couldn't upload them via my iPhone.

The nexus doesn't rotate your images, It just strips the metadata from any images uploaded for security reasons. Your phone like many out there (mine included) had the images rotated already with metadata telling any image viewer to rotate it when displaying it.

As for the golden colored naptha, ime, it is nothing to worry about. I had a container of the stuff in the freezer for about 3 months to get some stuck DMT to precipitate and the only difference was that the crystals have a golden tinge to them.
I do heated naptha pulls and tend to get this even on the first pull. Pretty sure I could do a mini A/B to clean it up but i'm not worried about it seeing as it is still very active. I only dislike getting wax simply because it is a little more messy to handle.
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