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Good headphones?

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Hey guys so looking into some things like I doser, ect…. but my headphones are crap! lol I saw on the I doser they have real nice ones but problem is they dont take pay pal. I want to buy 1 GOOD pair and not have to get another for a while. So anyone else have any suggestions on any I could find somewhere I can use pay pal? Thanks guys. Looking into other means now cant sit around on psychs constantly haha
Salutations TalkingGarden,

TalkingGarden said:
...things like I doser...

Oh, this i Doser:

[ https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5Ck0iePWTQ ]

So it's essentially a service and you require earphone replacement for studio-quality reproduction, or at least one offering a performant quality-to-cost ratio, correct??

TalkingGarden said:
Looking into other means now cant sit around on psychs constantly...

Interesting remark. Closed On-Ear units used to capture my preference but even if wireless that's still kind of invading, possibly restrictive as i recall taking them off frequently then i'd put it back just to check eventual sounds from the environment... These days the earphones are for entertainment, essentially, but what bluetooth earphones won't be also compatible with telephonic applications?


One day i was lucky to be suggested by the clerk of a local store that he liked "In-Ear" systems better because he could continue to have interactions with people around and yet benefit from a rich audio experience. So i followed his advice and learned to enjoy one of these semi-open systems, too bad it would seem like spam if i dared post a picture of it, but anyway my point is it's a product which doesn't tend to fall too easily, because of batteries, for example. In comparison relatively heavy on-ear headphones risk to move as a result of sudden movements. Lucky me there already were minimalist designs with no protruding extensions exposing to incidents, although i seen pairs of autonomous "buttons" in retrospective i prefered a variation with some solid "bridge" in between which quite likely extended the expected sevice life... I could prepare food and watch TV with adequate freedom of movement, often listening at music with no impression of any loss. Except perhaps in the early days when i needed to adapt to the transition.

The problem i found with these bridged in-ear buttons was battery life as it's so small they get soldered directly into each of the halves, which may translate into a need to replace the whole product after less than a couple years, so i'd warn to pay serious attention to service duration under full dynamic use, not just standby. Including any battery "memory" effect, etc.

Ideally i might consider it a viable option if the batteries could be relocated inside the bridge and hence sit on the back of my neck where it causes no discomfort. Closed On-Ear devices may be fine when day-dreaming and not busy but i find impossible to forget their presence, which ain't always the case with those i got that i used for everything audio. As a matter of fact i remember searching for them with my fingers during pauses as i wasn't sure... YMMV but i don't imagine this happening with semi-traditional closed On-Ear phones which felt tiresome after a couple hours at most.

Hoping you'll rethink of such argumentation when ready to purchase, especially if no error is allowable. Or perhaps you should plan for 2: e.g. 1 of each design!

Good day, have fun!! 8)
so i was at the store yesterday....and got a decent pair. to be honest going to try em today i may not even like the whole thing! who knows people have told me things like this can help meditate with certain sounds wich is something i need LOTS of practice at so if i can use a sound helper to start that is fine.....i did make sure i will try em for a week if i dont like em bring em back that's all.
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