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Graft successful but showing no signs of growth

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Jan e Kharabat

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So... this is my first experiment with grafting on pereskiopsis. It's a seedling from my first batch ever... I was a total idiot back then and did not know how to handle seedlings, either watering them too much or too little etc. So this little guy just had too much I guess and went completely dormant. All the other seedlings broke dormancy in summers but not this one... So finally I decided to graft it on pereskiopses hoping that it would start growing. The graft worked well, it didn't even turn red/brown, showed no signs of stress, attached to the stock in just a few days, but it's not growing! It has been a month, and the stock just keeps trying to send out new branches which I keep cutting off, but the scion is just not growing. Does anyone know what could be the reason?


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Sometimes the scion doesn't take because it's not placed in enough contact with the phloem. Kinda hit or miss but it looks like it is off center so that looks good. I'd give it more time, they all go at their own rate. One thing that improves success is using parafilm. I'll stretch it so that it is close to the point of tearing as a layer on top to wrap another piece along the stem to seal the top piece if that makes sense. Once the scion takes the growth is very dramatic and breaks through the parafilm. Keep it up you're getting there!!
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