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Grafting Fresh tips onto damaged mother

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This is a question for the pro's. In my mind it makes sense and have successfully grafted different genetics onto each other as is common. I just wondered if you can do it with the same stock?

I have this rare bridgessii clone which got tip damage when I first received it. Im looking at the pup and thinking I could graft it onto the main stem, do you think it would work?

This is purely for aesthetics. My other plan is to just let it grow out and pup a few more times then prune it right back and replant the pups. but that is a few years in the making at least.


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No expert but I've done "cut and shut" grafts before - they leave an indented, scarred band which slowly (~7 years) levels out as a crusted area as the cactus ages. There's quite a size mismatch between mother and pup so if you're concerned with aesthetics the cuts will have to be made at their thinnest and widest points respectively. Maybe give it another year/growing season?
That’s wise advice, patience is probably called for. It’s entirely likely that bugs get hold if I do try and graft and I end up with less stem and no pup for another year, whereas it’s perfectly happy right now. I’ll let go of the idea. Thanks.
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