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Grateful to be here

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Rising Star

First of all to thank all the people involved in keeping the forum. The information here has been crucial to my first extraction, I will always be in debt of gratitude for that, thank you.

I was born and raised in Cuba, grew up in a small rural town. Since childhood I have felt deep love for all living things and a stubborn craving for beauty and wonder. Much of my life I have spent in trying to fit in and conform, thus taking whatever chance to perform my best out of need for validation and approval.

In the last five years I have radically changed my life, dropped medical school on my last year, left my family and country and came to US. But other changes, more profound and maybe more interesting have been slowly shaping me in a fairly different person. There is still much to refine and improve, but I feel somewhat at peace with the man I have became.

I have few friends, but the ones I have I hold close to my heart, they are truly remarkable people that constantly remind me how lucky I am. My time is spent between two jobs and tons of books, I own more than I have time to read. You have a problem? Oh,I have a book...

In an ordinary day you can find me busily singing an ancient lullaby in a foreign language, mindlessly doing a job that doesn't enslave my mind so I can let it fly and wander lost in the magic of being alive and questioning how life would be if we had wings and how does it feel to be a speck of dust and why have we chosen the heart to mean love and what mysterious language whales use and what cats dream of and how could I prove that plants talk and what if oxygen is actually a psychedelic, and what would I.... you get the point.

I had the first encounter with another state of consciousness during a spontaneous lucid dream two years ago, since then I couldn't but feel that something here wasn't as tidy as they told me. Casually(?) soon after that I found Foods of the Gods and have been exploring with pharmahuasca and psilocybes. DMT has been a game changer, my cute little world is crumbling down and really: I don't know what the hell I know anymore. I'm moving through these first spice encounters with as much grace and swiftness as possible but also allowing some time to mourn my lost paradise.

I have some good grasp of human physiology, anatomy and pathology and I'm planning to improve my chemistry and physics games. Please count on me if ever need help with that.
My plans for the near future: will be returning to my country in a year to finish med school and catch up with a long list of books patiently awaiting.

I believe that is our duty to know the truth as far as possible and I'm willing to put my heart on the table for it.

Thank you fore reading, a deeply felt hug,

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