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Green Dragon?

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Hey Guys,

Please don't mention any vendor names here, but I am curious if anyone has tried the herbal blend called "Green Dragon". If so what is your opinion of it? I was thinking of ordering some but don't want to throw cash out on a bunk blend. I like strong effects, not something that leaves me thinking... "Yeah, I kinda noticed something, but it could have just been placebo effect."

Thanks for any input!

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Isn't Green Dragon the name of liquor containing THC? Never heard of the herbal blend though, so I can't offer much help.
Yar, I know of it, but haven't tried it.

You might want to join the kratom forum, they discuss all blends and vendors batches quite extensivly.

"Yea... And I will say this...

It tasted better than the effect.

Don't get me wrong... it's not inert, it is a very mild relaxing blend that I actually would purchase but the problem is that it is grossly over priced!
It resembles a blend that another vendor might carry but 3 times the price.


"I'll agree with Jilson that the price is the major problem. I actually like the Green Dragon Blend, it is subtle but relaxing. I found it more effective than the other 'fake bud looking' smoking blends, but of course nowhere near as effective as the Spice type blends. Seeing as the Spice may no longer flow the Green Dragon would be a good alternative for some, but at it's current price it just can't be justified. To it's credit is burns for a long time and 4 grams would last a good while. If it was even $15 to $20 I might purchase it here and there, but it's not.

Does anyone have any experience with MBJ's blends? A lot of them sound interesting but I don't know of anyone that has tried them. I'm pretty sure Mark makes the Green Dragon too. Armand admitted he doesn't actually know what is in the GD blend, but that it is made by a reputable vendor. It's my understanding that Mark makes a lot of what vendors carry. He comes off as quite an odd character from his 'Sputnik' posts. Is that an act? Does anyone know him? Just curious..... "
Evening Glory said:
Isn't Green Dragon the name of liquor containing THC? Never heard of the herbal blend though, so I can't offer much help.

Yagermeister infused with cannabis floweres and other spices..I was offered some on the beach one night and it was VERY stong stuff.
Thanks guys. I'll check out the forum, but it sounds like it's less effective than enhanced Kratom, and about the same price. I have to say that Kratom took me a few tries to figure out, but that stuff packs a punch once you figure it out. :) Maybe I'll check the Green Dragon out for shits and grins. We'll see.

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