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Green gunk with a pure solvent?

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Greetings nexians. A foaf was trying to make a pull from the batch of MHRB. The first pull was made with some high quality petroleum ether (65/35 fraction rate and >98% purity). The pull was yellowish. The second pull from the same batch was made with the same grade and brand of a solvent but from a freshly opened bottle. The result is dark green gunk.

The solvent was lab grade as mentioned above. I tried dropping a bit of it on a pure white napkin and there was no visible coloration. I also tried to evaporate it from a clean plate and it did without residue.

I heard the scary stories about green gunk. Would it be safe in this case for SWIM to vape it?

Thank you!
Have you tried recrystallizing it yet? Do you have access to sodium carbonate? Or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and an oven? You can bake the sodium bicarbonate in an oven @ 400 degrees F for 2 hours to convert it in to sodium carbonate. Dissolve the green gunk in some naphtha/heptane and try a re-x OR dissolve and skip right to a sodium carbonate wash to get rid of any impurities, re-xing if necessary.

I would exercise caution and refrain from smoking green goo until a re-x has been performed at the very least. Major doubts about your extraction process leading up to blast-off will likely create more anxiety. Be safe and good luck :thumb_up:
Hi there fellows. Thank you for your advice and your concern!

I want you to tell you the whole story, actually.

SWIM is new to hyperspace. While his acacias are growing (they are 1 year now!), SWIM decided to get some MHRB and try A/B extraction. He used citric acid as oxidizing agent and Sodium Hydroxide (lye) as a basifier. As a defat and extraction agent, lab grade (>98%) petroleum ether was used.

The problem was that SWIM was getting very low yields. SWIM never got any 'crystals', merely a mist of DMT on the glass container which quickly turned into orange goo.

The final stages of extraction were done while heating the concoction of basified MHRB and extraction agent. Either petroleum ether isn't a really good solvent in this case or the raw material was of low quality.

Thank you ThirdEyeDragonfly and TGO. SWIM actually read about blue/green spice. But the petroleum ether was pretty pure, evaporated with no residue at all.

In this case its better to get rid of products, whatever SWIM managed to extract was very little anyway.
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