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Greenwich Uni DMT field research project seeking volunteers (London)

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On behalf of my friend David Luke...

DMT field research project

Have you tried DMT (N,N-dimethyltriptamine) and want to take part in a scientific study of DMT's acute psychological affects?

A new field research study will be exploring the extraordinary perceptual and mental phenomena of smoked DMT.

Dr David Luke of the University of Greenwich is recruiting volunteers to take part in a field research study exploring the acute effects of DMT among regular or experienced DMT users. The study has ethical approval from the University of Greenwich Research Ethics Committee. As this is a field research project researching illicit drug use, confidentiality and anonymity will be strictly adhered to.

If you live within the Greater London area and are interested and want to know more (you are under no obligations) please send an email (using an anonymous name/account) to otherworldds@gmail.com for more information.


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