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Greeting to all!

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As far as i can remember, I'm curious about mysteries of nature. I'm very curious about almost everything. I want to learn as much as i can. I did not do any major studies but i'm a self-educated. I love art (sculpting, modeling, old photography technics like cyanotype and pinholes, etc) and science (electronic, physic, chemistry, etc). Me and my girlfriend have our own spiritual thought mix based on old religions and alchemy.

Back in days, i was dependent of chemical drugs and i was a weed chain smoker. I found archive of the hive and rhodium on tor and i wanna did synthesis of them, like mdma but the distillation of rc fuel for nitromethane (it's hard to buy pure nitromethane where i live) scared me a little and stopped my try.

I read about DMT to this moment and it interrested me, but i did not find where to buy it or to extract it. I bought some magic mushrooms and did some trips but i hate eating mushrooms. LSD was hard to find here too.

Since 1 year, i stopped consumming chemical drugs and i diminished my cannabis smoking.

Recently i saw some documentary talking about DMT and i remade some search on internet about it. I found DMT-Nexus! It was a revelation when I saw all your tek. I bought some MHRB on internet from a local seller and i start my first extraction a month ago. I started with noman's tek to try and i extracted a little 160mg. After i tryed vovin's tek... Without succes :(, but TGO and Fidelsbeard suggested me the cyb's tek max ion (thanks to them), this one was a great succes! I tryed small doses with my girlfriend and we loved it! We had the strongest and clearest visual effects of our live.

Soon, i will try to breakthrough in presence of my girlfriend and my best friend. When it will be done i will share my experience and my thoughts with everyone on this forum.

I hope i will learn alot here and share all my discovery.

(By the way my first language is french, then excuse me if i my english is not always alright :) )
Welcome to the Nexus!

Good luck with your future experiments, hope your breakthrough is very positive :)

What is your method of smoking/vaporizing it?

Also, are you considering taking it orally too?
For now i smoke with "the machine". I just commanded a yocan evolve plus with donut ceramic coil on advice from Espurrr. He suggest me to take harmala-hcl before vaping with yocan. I would try the pharma too, but im waiting for my command of fumaric acid to convert my dmt freebase to salt.

I will share all my experiment with the community for sure

I feel already like home here. Really happy to discovred you all! ^-^
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