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Greetings All

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Rising Star

Hey Everyone,

I am looking forward to getting to know the Nexus and peruse the information available.

My psychedelic journey started approx 2-3years ago when I got curious about Mushooms, which then grew in to growing Cacti and now DMT.

I still very much enjoy Mushrooms and the introspection they can provide, they have helped me get over most (if not all) of my depression and also helped subdue my anxiety. Every time I consume Mushroom I always have this beautiful therapeutic effect that can last up to 2-3 months where I feel so much calmer, happier and seem to enjoy my surroundings more; not to mention recognising more beauty in the world.

After reading about DMT and the healing it can provide, not to mention the knowledge and serentity it can bring along with it, I am looking forward to when the universe decides I am ready to connect and converse with it, so excited!!

I look forward to getting to know the Nexus and the people within.

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