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Greetings and experiences from the new guy

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Greetings I'm fairly new to this setting and the experiences that hallucinogens bring but with the little experience I have had I can say for sure I want to take the next steps. So a little about me.

I'm from California and started out much like everyone else. I was always willing to have some fun but I was very conservative on what I wanted to do. I started out smoking the good old marijuana and was very complacent with this decision for a few years and as I progressed I upped my dosage and began to have more and more fun. But for as long as I can remember I always wanted to try Psilocybin mushrooms as I felt LSD was perhaps not what I was looking for and considered it to be "dangerous"(My opinion of LSD has changed very much). It wasn't until I left for college that I was fortunate enough to have a roommate who was experienced in hallucinogens as he used LSD on a semi-regular basis. To say the least he opened my eyes to the possibility and along with him and another friend we all tried the mushrooms. But before I go into detail about my first trip I wanted to talk about my second. My second trip was a mistake. I took them again only about 2 weeks after my first and smoked some wax along with taking the shrooms. And on top of that, I had no trip sitter and a first-time psychedelic user with me as well along with being in an uncomfortable setting I had an extremely negative experience and I would like to not recount it. But with this failed experience I learned and vowed to never make the same mistakes again no matter how small they may be.

So my first experience and how it changed me. My first experience was surreal and magical, to say the least, for the longest time I always thought that psychedelic users were a bunch of nut cases saying how they would "feel this color" and other stereotypical things but boy was I wrong. To sum my trip up and make this a little shorter my first half was very normal, I felt as if I had a large dosage edible and began to feel euphoric and extremely calm, colors became more vibrant and fun. But then things changed quickly, shadows danced in the darkness, and colors even began to change right in front of my eyes I was transported into new sensations I had never felt and it was truly amazing. But it was during my peak that I experienced what I was truly looking for. I was sitting in a massive park surrounded by friends and nature. Feeling a crazy connection to nature that I have never felt in all my years. I was having an amazing time when everything changed. I couldn't explain it and even right now as I recall it I can not explain what transpired. It was almost like I began looking through a keyhole suddenly and through that keyhole, I saw a world I could not explain as if it was just inches away but I could not push past it I couldn't open the door. Then slowly as if I came away from the keyhole I rejoined my friends and was left wondering what was beyond that door that I was SO close to seeing? A new world? God? Something more? For the longest time, I wanted answers but I didn't know how to get them or who could guide me to them. But after what seems to be pure luck I stumbled across a random youtube video in my suggestions of Joe Rogan talking about DMT. Which lead me down a rabbit hole which leads me to this very forum, few days of skulking around and doing a bit of research I believe I have found the very community who can help me find what is behind that door. I'm very much looking forward to this adventure.

Hope you all enjoyed my little intro and personal experience. I am looking for help as I've done research but I feel so overwhelmed with all the possibilities and knowledge I'm not sure what path to take and what is right for me. I am VERY much a novice in this field. If anybody is willing to perhaps talk to me privately rather it be about my experiences or what I am looking for I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading-Connor

That was a cool introduction, thank you. Indeed i think you may have come to the right place. There is so much good information here. Definitely check out the wiki and read all the sticky threads.

I'm glad to hear that you learned a few things from your first few experiences on what not to do! Some people never learn. You will do very well in your travels to heed those lessons.

Welcome and safe travels.
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