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Greetings fellow earthlings

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Long time lurker, but decided it was time to venture out of the void and begin contributing to the nexus.

I stumbled upon the nexus out of necessity, to learn more about the spice of life that would indeed change my life for the better. Since 2010, maybe even longer, I have been plagued by significant problems in my life, many of which manifested into obstacles that held me back in all aspects of society. I became a depressed recluse, disassociated from the world, bitter with everyone and everything, blaming the world for my problems.

Out of chance, I stumbled upon the topic of spice, which I and someone close to me took a keen interest in. Having attempted everything to rid myself of my demons, and having failed to utilize cannabis with success, I decided to venture deeper into the world of self-discovery, into uncharted and forbidden territory, to see if I could at last find the answers I was looking for. My research eventually brought me here, and it here that my healing and new life journey began.

After tedious research and experimentation, the time was right for me to venture into the void, into the universe, and seek answers. While initially overpowering and confusing, I finally found what I was looking for in hyperspace: the parts of myself that I had lost, as well as the healing I had sought for almost a decade. Though it took some time, numerous aspects of my life began to change for the better as I was slowly able to process what I had seen, heard and experienced, and I began to feel like I finally belonged in the world. Most importantly of all, my experience put me in touch with a deeper spiritual side that I had lacked most of my life, all thanks to the deities I have encountered through my journeys. Their continued guidance and teachings have provided me with the hope that has been absent for so many years, and I am forever thankful that they blessed me with their presence.

Spice literally saved my life, brought me from the depths of despair back into the light, gave me the tools i needed to finally come to love myself and the people in my life, and provide with a whole new view of the myself, the people around me, the world and the universe. Who knows where I would have been just some short time ago if I had not stumbled upon this incredible, magical, healing medicine. It is something I do not think I can repay, but I will do my best by sharing my knowledge and experiences with the world.
Welcome to the Nexus!

It is good to hear that you were able to overcome your challenges in life. DMT is a strange and powerful molecule, one that can drastically alter the way we see ourselves and the world around us. I think that is beautiful. Enjoy the forum!

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