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Greetings from Ludwig

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Hello everybody!

I'm Ludwig (not my real name), 24 years old and living in a small village in the Netherlands. After high school I went to university and studied Applied Biology. I specialized in Ecology and Insect rearing for which I lived half a year in Greece and half a year in Uganda. After my thesis and graduation last year I moved back to my old small village where I was born. Luckily after my graduation I found a job as a biologist/consultant in the insect rearing business.

Since the age of fifteen, when I first took a toke from a joint I've had a passion for drugs. Through the years I've done a wash-load of them, but I did never abuse them. I'm a friendly and optimistic person which likes to use mind enhancing substances in his spare time. I prefer to produce/grow most of it myself (personal use only), as it is my passion and I also want to know what's in it. This is also how I found this forum and wiki, which has been really helpful! Thumbs up! Nowadays most drugs cannot be trusted and contain a bunch of dirty chemicals and pesticides in it.

I've been lurking this website for half a year now, I've been trying to make an account for a while but forgot it a couple of times during the weekend. On my work I sit behind my desk most of the time and it would be nice to talk and discuss with like-minded people.

Hey Ludwig!

Living in the Netherlands, that must be nice! In a small village too!😁

You say you're involved in insect rearing, do you raise your own bees, or is that something you plan to do in the future? This is something I am veeeery interested in.

Nice to see that you grow your own stuff. That's what we try to encourage here at the Nexus.

Anyway, glad to have you here and hope you enjoy your time on the Nexus!

Welcome, brotha!:thumb_up:
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