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Greetings from Mexico.

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Hi all, nice to be here. I suppose I'm older than most, 55. My psychedelic life started back when I was 16 in 1978, so I've been around the block a few times, some of those trips around the block were made while following the Grateful Dead. Simplier times I tell you, but all things must pass, right?

However, nothing that I had ever experienced prepared me to meet ''The Toad.'' In two words... life-changing. I am humbled by and have been renewed in mind and spirit by my three experiences.

I hope to read about other's experiences especially with but not limited to toad experiences. I'm sure thers's much to learn and wisdom to be gained through all of you.

Peace to you all.
Welcome :)

I'm curious to know about your experience/s with the toad/5-MeO, maybe when you get time you could possibly write up a report in the 'first steps into hyperspace' section under the 'welcome area' section of the forum? I'm sure others would find value/interest in it too. Just an idea if you feel like it.

So many experience reports here from over the years, if you happen to read through them - there's many older experience reports from years back from many of the older/past members, especially under the quality reports section. Some real gold in those reports imho. Worth digging through I think.

Nice to have someone older from mexico here. 8)
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