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Greetings from newbie

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Hi all,

New member here. Very grateful for the Nexus which I have used as a resource for a long time. I'm finally getting to the point of starting my own DMT exploration so decided to join.

I've used LSD, psilocybin, salvia and MDMA as adjuncts to my meditation practice in my attempts to understand the nature of reality and consciousness. I don't use these tools lightly but I find them invaluable.

I'm very interested in 5-MEO-DMT as this sounds from my research to provide the most ideal experience of the non-dual state as can be attained by a substance, but it seems harder to get than N,N-DMT. In looking at the list of plants that contain N,N or 5-MEO it seems like the latter is less reliably present in good amounts. I'd love any pointers along those lines.

I've only done one plant extraction myself (mescaline from San Pedro) but have a science background and I appreciate the very well written variety of teks available here. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for the great resource.
Welcome to the Nexus!

While I don't personally have any experience with 5-MeO-DMT, I can direct you to a relatively new forum dedicated to 5meo. It lists a few of the common plants, seeds, grasses that contain it. Perhaps you can find a new nugget or two of information there:

5 Hive Forum - Best natural sources for 5-MeO-DMT

Also, the WIKI has a list of plants containing 5-MeO-DMT, which you may have already browsed through:

Nexus WIKI - 5-MeO-DMT

If you were to go the gardening route, it is my understanding that phalaris grass would be the quickest way, although there is the struggle of finding the correct strain, growing it out, and seeing if it even contains anything useful. Plus, you would need a lot of grass to extract a decent amount of 5-MeO.

Besides the lists there is the Sonoran Desert toad secretions and synthetic 5-MeO-DMT. Both involve potential legal and/or ethical ramifications so tread down those paths carefully. Anyway, hopefully my limited knowledge has been of some use. Enjoy your time here at the Nexus!

Thanks! Your info pretty much matches what I have understood about how to find 5-MeO. I feel like finding the correct plant and being sure I have extracted what I want and not anything I don't want, seems daunting from my inexperienced perspective. The other sources you mention do indeed present legal and ethical challenges I don't feel prepared to overcome at this point. I'll keep my eye on the 5 hive and see what comes down the pike.

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