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Greetings from the UK!

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Hi there!

I'm not sure how many on the Nexus are from the UK but thought I would just say hello in case there are any other new members wondering how popular DMT is becoming over this side of the pond.

I started my search for DMT 18 months ago. At first it started as a passing whisper, almost a substance that didn't really exist but had been fabled. Much like the matrix! I've never really taken any other psychedelics before apart from 2 failed attempts with some mushrooms in Amsterdam. "Street" drugs and social drugs don't really appeal to me as I practice Muay Thai and have been fighting for over 15 years. As part of this fighters are often tested for any banned substances so this has always been a bigger reason to distance myself from this kind of drug use. That aside I don't judge anyone who does use social drugs as some of my best friends use cocaine or mdma when on a night out.
Anyway..... my only intrigue and interest with substances has been psychedelics. Something that can really alter your reality and possibly connect you with something outside of this place we call the universe. This subsiquently led my attention more and more to DMT. In the UK in my personal experience it is virtually impossible to buy (which now perusing this forum for the last few months has explained why). People who use DMT see it in a different way to other drugs and I now completely understand why. So far I have followed CYBs hybrid Tek after finding a supplier for MHRB in the UK and made just over 1.2g yield of really nice clean product (don't like calling it spice as that has a different meaning over here now). With that I have tried to reach the other side twice but unfortunately my technique has let me down and I've only managed to see the wonder of the waiting room. I've not tried to blast of again for a few weeks as on both attempts I felt a presence or entity that showed me a doorway or book and was communicating to me that knowledge was inside waiting but I was not yet ready to see, hear, feel it etc. So with that I am now taking a small break, for a time in which I feel like I am ready. Not sure when that will be but I'm respecting the molecule and still reading and learning from other users on here.

I have only spoken to my best friend and girlfriend about DMT so far as like I said I can completely understand why it's not a street known substance here in the UK. What this drug can do and show us is special. It's far more than just a strange experience you had one night at a party with your friends. I intend to keep it as another form of meditation. Alongside the Muay Thai I try to meditate at least once a week even if it's just sticking my headphones on and closing my eyes in peace for 20 minutes. In today's modern world and with the stress of my line of work it is a great relief for me. So far even the shallow experience I have had with DMT has opened up a new way to find peace and relief of this world.

Last note and a question.... has anyone who has used DMT noticed that after a session that evening you have had a great nights sleep? I sometimes struggle to drop off as my brain is always thinking about the next days work or plans. After my second experience I fell asleep almost immediately and slept all night without waking as for once in my head I had no chatter.

Thank you for accepting me and providing a place for new travelers to find the answers they seek.
Welcome, friend!

+1 for location 😉

finding a supplier for MHRB in the UK
You might want to consider this statement in light of matters outlined in the Attitude Page.

There's a appreciable active UK contingent here (although I relocated elsewhere). I hope to see you around in the future.

i am from uk also (hello / "tea and scons; tea and scons" (secret british language for anybody reading).

(scons said with a "K" right ?!)

i am a big ufc fan although no formal training in anything but do practice a liitle bit generic kata etc, try and propogate bushido somewhat... i see martial art as "active meditation" (i suck at "active meditation" like i do with "mind meditation" )


i came here exactly same, found cybs tek (allured by asda), yielded 1.2 also ! although mine is not very clean from too much shaking (the dmt that is...), may have "boosted yield" (didn't re-crystalise at the end as so sick of process by that time)

(totally going around calling mine "JUNGLE SPICE" to myself ('jungle'; "yeahhhh" ).


please could i ask your dosage you have tried if you noted ?

i haven't tried any yet but pre-decided i was going to "changa" it up until blastable on the bong but am unsure of the dose (i was guessing to try ~70mg), would appreciate any direction.

just saying hello whilst in purgatory in the new members section!

kind regards
Hey Downwardsfromzero!

Sorry if I've put something up that mabey I shouldn't have. Think I may have just got carried away in explaining my initial frustration of how difficult it was to experience this substance. I do apologize for that.

I'll be showing my face here a few nights a week. Especially in this infant stage as I've got so much to learn. I'll actually be starting another post later with a photo of a new machine I've just made which works incredibly well.

Evening also Collembola!

Definately Scones as in Scones, not Sconn-es! Haha. Great to hear your also interested in martial arts. I think above anything it shows poeple you have a certain amount of dedication.

My advise after a few months and 3 seperate extractions is to do the final wash re-x. It also partly answers your question on dosage. Ive had it about 6 times now. The only time I've had a bad / neutral experience was when i vaped pre washed product. Every other time has been a very positive and enjoyable occasion. Very recently (Saturday) i had my first breakthrough and that was loading up 60mg into my machine style vape bottle. Before that i have had sub breakthrough / waiting room experiences which have been equally amazing for me.

I've just started growing my own herbs / flowers including Passion Flower, Jasmine and mint to make my own Changa but obviously that won't be ready until at least January so for now I'm solely vaping freebase.

I'll be exploring again at some point later this week so might do another report while it's fresh in my 'mind'. Nice to hear from you guys.
thanks for the info!.

i think i will try to blast ~70mg non-re-x'd and then come back to haunt you if it goes wrong.

although gone off "drugs" for the moment.

i reccommend, as from the garden - thyme flowers / lavender flowers for calming (slugs wont let me have any... (they also like opium poppy...)

and then for "digestion" dill flowers, then catnip / lemon basil flowers for more exhilaration. i love dill because it reminds me very much of mcdonals.
Welcome to the Nexus, Traverler_93!

Collembola, is that 70mg of changa or freebase you're talking about? For me, there was no need to jump straight into the deep-end, as I wasn't sure how I would react (I could have been more sensitive than most for example). Everyone's different though and you could easily pop out the other end unscathed. Just thought I'd add a word of caution.
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