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Greetings! What is reality? Mind-blowing possibility rant...

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I've been visiting the forum for a while off and on in my quest for knowledge. I've been reading for a bit about spirituality and enlightenment and the nature of things. I watched the movie D.M.T. The Spirit Molecule and became intrigued. I've also watched some vice videos about the toad that produces the stuff on its back 5-MEO-DMT that also leads to profound spiritual experiences. I've also watched many TED talks and read some research papers about them involving deeper experiences about the nature of reality.

I've unsuccessfully tried mushrooms but didn't have a heroic dose, and have been meditating off and on. I'm very interested in philosophy and science and the point at which they converge. I like the idea of Brahman (Consciousness in Orch OR?) playing all the roles (egos) and getting lost in the parts generating all experiences.

I like the idea of quantum mechanics exposing time and space as an illusion at the Planck scale, and that the field of potentiality from where everything arises is timeless and eternal. That all time: past, present and future exist at once. The idea that reality is information and that we as species have a firmware that interprets it a certain way, which results in the illusion of Maya... fascinates me.

The idea that matter and anti-matter should have annihilated themselves and "we shouldn't be here" seems like another clue of this wonderful mystery. The fact that all stimuli result in models in our mind and that we live inside these models, is mind-opening. The Upanishads and their Advaita Vedanta are a wonderful possibility that also ties in to all of this.

You could say I'm dabbling with all these possibilities, involving my mind in a philosophical way, and I appreciate reading about all the experiences that somehow fit into these broad and wonderful context. I finally decided to create an account and here I am. Thank you all for your contributions. Hello :)
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