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I've had a growing fascination with psychedelics for the past few years. I've always been a deep thinker and always held the belief that existence is subjective and only exists in the eye of the beholders.

My interest started when I was researching treatments for ptsd and came across ayahuaska, and through that learnt about the intense trip of pure DMT. I was fascinated by the reports of what people experienced and after watching the spirit molecule I've been fascinated by the possibilities.

I went to Amsterdam to try ayahuaska but it didn't have any effect. I went to a smart shop and got good advice about how to brew it but nothing happened, except severe sickness. I tried a different plant for the active ingredient and a different inhibitor but again no joy. I then tried the other two combinations of active plant and inhibitor and after that didn't work I decided to do a little experiment.

I got the strongest type of mushroom truffle and took a double dose. It was my first ever mushroom and first ever psychedelic other than weed and all it did was make me slightly high for about twenty minutes. It could be that I have a natural immunity to tripping. It could also have been a defence mechanism because my mind was in such a bad way that the trip would have been horrendous.

I'm thinking if going back and trying it with a group, you pay once and you get as much as you need and I wouldn't have to worry about brewing it. Also the setting and atmosphere might help as well as the safety of being with other people. Of course being around other people could have the opposite effect but I think I'm in a better state of mind for it now.

I would also love to try pure DMT for very difference reasons. I live in south-east England, are there meet ups in the Cambridgeshire area that anyone happens to know of where I could experience it?

I would love to know whether peoples experiences are really external to themselves or whether the trip is just an internal journey into your own mind. I'm not sure there's way we could ever really know but I want to experience it for myself.

Thanks for reading.
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